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Around the globe today, chocolate is embraced not only by enthusiastic consumers but also by truly passionate creators who pour their hearts into their confections.

Here in this convenient guidebook are nearly 300 of these chocolate masters. From Brussels to Boston, Paris to Tokyo, London to Los Angeles, these are some of the most dedicated artisans anywhere.

Special listings for gluten-free, vegan, organic, and other dietary needs are also included.

4 x 7 in.       126 pages       $14.95

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Wherever we live around the world, there is something nearly everyone wakes up to in the morning: coffee! It is how we start our day -- and often how we get through it. 

Happily, the past decade has seen a veritable explosion in the quality and variety of coffee available to consumers. Meanwhile, coffee lovers have become infinitely more knowledgeable.  

Here in this handy guidebook we honor the great coffees and give readers a convenient way to further their coffee exploration!


4 x 7 in.       128 pages        $14.95

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